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About Us
          Laine Henson is a Freelance artist and currently works as a Counselor in a mental health facility in Central Illinois. His life long dream is to travel across the country and live as free as he could. Of course life got in the way and he was detoured many times in the form of school, work, marriage, children and more work.  Now, nearing  early retirement age, his dream may finally become a reality.
         Jill is a daycare teacher and also a very talented seamstress. Jill and Laine's path crossed over 8 years ago and it turns out that Jill also shares the desire to travel and see the country without being chained to a  traditional job or  house. Together, they are working hard to finish their bus while planning Laine's early retirement in 1450   1210  1150   1089    969   873   740   662   591   455   388   262    79   50 days (not that they're counting). They are 99% done converting a 1992 Blue Bird mid-sized school bus into their RV (retirement vehicle) they so aptly named "the GYPSY BLUEBIRD".
         Laine and Jill plan on traveling across the  backroads of the United States, exploring little towns towing their little Smartcar with their skeleton mascot "Gary Jr." for local excursions and photo ops.  They will be supplementing their income along the way by selling artwork & their Unique Creations,  while enjoying life with very few deadlines  or committments.

Join them on their journey as they complete the Weekend Warrior work, stock the bus, cut ties and prepare to depart on their "Adventure before Dementia" .

 Jill & Laine Henson